Saturday, October 9, 2010

30 consecutive days of yoga, day 11

You would think that the 8 a.m. Saturday yoga class wouldn't be packed. Or, I would think that. It was mat-to-mat in there this morning, at a level 2 class. I came on the late side, which is to say that I came 5 minutes before class started instead of 15, so the only space available was right next to the ballet bars on the wall. Yes, I hit my head on them.

I really liked the guy who taught this class. That is, I really liked the way he taught it. When I was training to lead movement classes, I learned that the best way to connect with your students is to feel what's happening in your own body and then articulate it in the form of an instruction. That's what this teacher seemed to do, and it really worked for me. I left the class feeling clear-headed, bright-eyed and shiny. What a relief.

What happened: I'm feeling some satisfaction. Yeah.

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