Sunday, October 10, 2010

30 consecutive days of yoga, day 12

Hi there.
Noon on Saturday at a hot yoga class in Boulder is not where you should go if you get all territorial about sweaty strangers touching your mat. This class was packed. A little too packed for me, and a lot of talk about community courtesy of the instructor.

But for all the good things she had to say about the benefits of community, there seemed to be little of it. I tried making eye contact with the people around me: no go. A little chitchat in the locker room. Nope. It's not that I felt shut out by a community I'm just joining; it's more that every person seemed very much a silo. I know that there's community in breathing together. Sometimes that's all I want too.

So here's something I don't understand. Maybe someone reading this can help me out. Every single time I go to a class, I use the bathroom just prior to setting up my mat. And every single time I go to class, I have to pee again after the first standing backbend. What's up with that? I tough it out, but flying eagle is really hard with a full bladder.

What happened: The classes are starting to seem very short.


  1. Less coffee? Do a standing backbend before you get to the mat? I don't know...just love reading your thoughts here my dear.

  2. I've felt that feeling before. Where a place or activity is, in practice, so intimate, while its inhabitants or participants are so... not. And for yoga, feeling like that would be my undoing. Good thing you have a blog to keep you going! Loving it!