Thursday, October 14, 2010

30 consecutive days of yoga, day 16

I did it.

I got up well before the asscrack of dawn and got to a 6:30 a.m. class because that's all my schedule would allow today. And I'm glad I felt great. HOWEVER, I was in a huge rush after and neglected to eat breakfast before a three-hour meeting. Not so great. Am trying to remedy that tout de suite, before I go all crazy on someone who I'm sure will not deserve it.

I'm over the hump, experiment-wise. Hooray!

What happened: The class felt pretty easy, so I thought I made incredible overnight progress. Turns out it was pretty easy, according to my pal Josie, whose husband said it was the most mellow level 2 class he's ever been to. Perspective.


  1. Go girl! Easy schmeasy...I mean we're talking about two exceptionally fit people (I'm assuming Josie's hubba hubba is as buff as she is.) So I applaud you...for finding time to blog about it too in your busy day! Glad you got some food too, prana only carries one so far, especially in the world of business.

  2. Perspective, indeed. If I were you, I would pretend I didn't hear what they said about that level II class, and just go on believin' I did it. Bam. Overnight. Take that, Rome.

    ANd congratulations on making it over the hill. It's all wildflowers and honey bees from here on out.

    Trust me, I've seen it in movies.