Sunday, October 17, 2010

30 consecutive days of yoga, day 19

It's Sunday evening. I had every reason to stay in bed this morning, which means that I didn't get to the early class. So it's the last class of the day for me -- restorative, or Yin -- which is probably a very good thing.

Not exactly like this, though.

I have had an extremely short fuse lately. I don't know whether it's the result of all the yoga releasing an avalanche of toxins (physical and emotional) into my system, or whether the heat and intensity are riling me up instead of calming me down.  But then on the plus side, I was able to easily perform the gymnastics required to crawl under my house to change the furnace filter.

This Yin class was exactly what I needed. It's done entirely on the floor. No effort, all ease. I am calmer, just in time for Mad Men.

What happened:  I fell asleep in supta-something-something-something.

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